2005 Geneva Student Fair - April 27th to May 1st
MaNEP is the special guest of the University of Geneva's stand

During 5 days, with no interruption, MaNEP's teams have presented 2 magnetic levitation demos (the train and the patches) to hundreds of fascinated visitors of all ages.

An official launch took place on Wednesday 27th with Pr Oystein Fischer, Pr Hans-Rudolf Ott (for the SNF) and Pr André Hurst (rector of the UniGE), which gave us a unique opportunity to communicate on MaNEP's profile and researches to the general public and the media.

Other co-organized special events included an informal public conversation with Pr Nicolas Gisin, Pr Michel Mayor, Pr Alain Blondel and Pr Oystein Fischer, a school visit for about 70 students aged 13 to 15, and finally special MaNEP-related physics demos during the whole Saturday afternoon.

The whole operation was a big success at all levels. Special thanks go to Dr Alfred Manuel, Dr Olivier Kuffer, Jean-Gabriel Bosch, Marc Lançon and all the "demo performers" !

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Preparation and Wednesday's Official Launch
A big success for the demos
Thursday : college students and great physicists
Saturday : more demos on the Forum

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